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Prior to UX, I was a Swiss Army knife marketer.

No, I didn't peddle nifty little pocket knives.

I meant I came equipped with many functions in a me-shaped package. 

My experiences in F&B, co-living  and tech startup environments combine planning customer-first strategies, crafting meaningful experiences and engaging with the community — without compromising business goals. 
I believe this confluence of experiences are instrumental to strengthening my awareness and appreciation for human-centred, intentional design — that which makes design great.

Constantly connecting

Currently juggling

📚  The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion

🧗‍♀️  Levelling up to a 6B

🗣️  Buying groceries in fluent Mandarin 

😳  Mental wellbeing - thanks, pandemic

Previously written

Occasionally creating

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